Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Story Jumper

    Story Jumper is a great web tool that can be used to create books online. Users can sign up for free to utilize this website. Once you sign up, you can create books to save and view online, free of cost, or you can purchase a hard copy. You can start from scratch, or use templates that are provided. This site allows you to upload photos to create different scenes, or characters in your book. I chose this tool because upon experimenting with Story Jumper, I found that it was easy and fun to use. It's a great resource that students can use and keep forever.
    Story Jumper can be used in both inclusive and regular education classrooms. For the purpose of this blog, I will focus on helping students with disabilities. I would utilize this tool when conducting a creative writing lesson. Often times, students express dissatisfaction in writing assignments. However, by using this web tool, students can express themselves in way that deviates from the normal routine of the classroom, and use their creativity to create something truly meaningful. Students with disabilities may have difficulty gathering their thoughts, starting such a writing assignment, or even struggle due to lack of reading and writing skills. Story Jumper can help by providing a different means of expression and can be an aid with writing because of the spell check tool. By having the ability to upload photos, students can visually connect with what they are writing, and consider writing fun. Online interaction has proven to reach more audiences than that of radio, television, and print and should be incorporated into schools.

  I used Story Jumper to create an example of a book. I started from scratch and uploaded photos to include in my story. Check it out here!


  1. You mention that this tool will help students create something meaningful. How do you think it differs from what they might be able to do with paper/pencil or other non-tech type tool?

    Your story was GREAT. You should send it to somebody on campus and it should get published! I think it would sell in the bookstore lol!

  2. I first want to say that your story was so cute! Next, I was just curious if you had any other bigger ways this tool could benefit a student that is disabled? This seems like it would be a very fun tool to use in a 2nd or 3rd grade classroom too.

  3. I loved your story! It was so cute and it was a great way to give an example of what this wibesite can do.